At Partners HealthCare, we’re redesigning care to make it easier for patients to get (and stay) healthy. Technology provides a variety of methods for patients and caregivers to communicate beyond the doctor’s office, and our Center for Connected Health is devoted to developing new ways to make the most of these opportunities.

In the above segment from WCVB’s “Better Living with Liz Walker,” patient Sandy Rice monitors her blood pressure at home, eliminating the need for almost monthly visits to her doctor’s office. Special devices transmit information to her doctor when she checks her vital signs—and they also give Sandy a feeling of accountability in maintaining her good health.

Our connected health programs are about more than sending a deluge of data points to doctors. The term “connected health” represents a range of technology-enabled care programs, including telehealth, mobile health, remote care and disease management invitiatives.

Just as Sandy describes feeling more involved in her own health care, connected health initiatives like Wellocracy™ give all patients the opportunity for a more interactive approach to their health, as Center for Connected Health director Dr. Joseph Kvedar explains in the clip above.

The Center uses a combination of remote-monitoring, wireless and online communications and intelligence to improve patient adherence, engagement and clinical outcomes. These methods aid with cardiac care, pregnancy, diabetes and beyond.

Whether through at-home blood-pressure tests or Skype-like “appointments,” we’re committed to transforming health care to bring better quality care to communities across Massachusetts.

Watch other recent videos about our local and statewide initiatives on our YouTube channel.

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