As the new year begins, we at Partners HealthCare remain as committed as ever to increasing access to affordable health care and improving health outcomes in the communities we serve. To achieve that, we’re building a “new medical model” that will treat patients in a better, more cost-effective manner, as Partners CEO Gary Gottlieb told attendees at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco earlier this week.

The Boston Globe’s Robert Weisman describes our approach as “bold,” and surely, our sights are set high as we strive to redesign the delivery of health care. As Dr. Gottlieb said to an audience of health care investors on Monday, “We need to control our own destiny.”

We’re doing that by coordinating care in the community to offer patients the value of our network of high quality hospitals throughout Massachusetts. And, we’re supporting community health centers across the state, as they represent the cornerstone of an accessible and affordable health system.

“Like elsewhere, the Massachusetts marketplace is interesting and it’s dynamic,” Dr. Gottlieb noted on Monday. Just as Massachusetts has led the nation in creating new models for health insurance, so too can we uncover new ways of delivering health care to benefit patients across the Commonwealth and the country.

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