At Partners HealthCare, we’re committed to expanding access to high-quality, affordable care for residents across Massachusetts, and we believe that our proposed partnership with South Shore Hospital will help bring that vision to residents south of Boston.

We project $27 million per year in patient savings through our partnership with South Shore Hospital, as well as better access to primary care and improved health information technology for those patients. On Friday, the Boston Business Journal argued that the key to success in reining in health care costs is to focus on the future needs of our patients, while allowing existing laws to work.

The BBJ points out that existing regulations already protect patients by limiting the increase in health care costs to no more than that of the state domestic product (3.6 percent). We’ve done even better, keeping cost growth to 2.4 percent for Medicare patients while delivering the high-quality care that our patients have come to expect.

The BBJ is also correct when they caution regulators against focusing on “what health care is” instead of “what health care will be.” And with pioneering approaches such as our population health management and connected health initiatives, we are well positioned for the latter.

Our vision of care and our proposed affiliation with South Shore Hospital are aligned with the BBJ’s call to look forward on health care, not backward.

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