In an editorial published today, The Patriot Ledger wrote that our proposed merger with South Shore Hospital in Weymouth would enable the hospital to serve a broader population in the region.

The Quincy-based newspaper noted that existing clinical and development partnerships have already bolstered the ability of South Shore Hospital to address a wide range of community health needs.

In addition to further raising the quality of care provided at South Shore Hospital, we also project significant cost savings for patients. We estimate savings of $158.6 million over eight years for commercially insured patients in the region and additional Medicare saving based on our experience in the Pioneer ACO initiative.

The support of the Patriot Ledger editorial board mirrors that which we’ve seen from the South Shore community at large. Elected officials, first responders, doctors, nurses, volunteers and concerned citizens have all expressed their overwhelming support for this proposed partnership, as other community hospitals in that part of the state, from Milton to Plymouth, have similarly joined larger health care systems.

At the heart of our proposal is our commitment to expanding access to affordable, quality care on the South Shore – a commitment mirrored by the mission of South Shore Hospital. The editorial offers an endorsement of Partners’ and South Shore Hospital’s ability to carry out that mission:

We believe South Shore Hospital would be better positioned to serve a broader segment of the population if it were to merge with Partners...We fully expect that going forward, South Shore Hospital will continue to build on its history of serving the region’s diversifying population with the health and welfare of its current and future patients in mind.

Learn more about why we’re confident a partnership with South Shore Hospital will improve care and reduce costs for residents south of Boston.

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