There has been a lot of conversation over the past few weeks about the agreement we reached with the Massachusetts Attorney General to acquire South Shore Hospital, Hallmark Health and Harbor Medical Associates. While a few of our competitors claim that these new affiliations would give Partners HealthCare too great a share in the marketplace, recent media articles have pointed out that the situation is much more nuanced.

A column in The Boston Globe cites analysts who say that in order to adapt to the Affordable Care Act and other health care regulations, hospitals’ “future largely depends on becoming larger.”

Big isn’t always bad – with greater scale comes greater efficiency. The Boston Herald editorial board points to “the potential of increased access to quality care that transactions like these can represent” and “the opportunity to preserve care in the community over more expensive academic medical centers.”

“Everybody has a higher degree of uncertainty about what the future is going to look like,” Partners HealthCare President and CEO Gary Gottlieb told The Globe. “That creates a higher degree of tension around planning, around competition.”

By piloting successful models of coordinated care, Partners is already preparing for health care’s future, and increasing access to affordable care, closer to patients’ homes, will continue to be a crucial part of our efforts.

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