Carmen learned about the Partners in Career and Workforce Development (PCWD) program from a flyer while she was unemployed and decided to apply. For Carmen, this was the first step in a long journey of personal and professional growth.

To get started on her career path, Carmen enrolled in PCWD. Soon after graduating she was hired by Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital (BWFH). She quickly took advantage of the hospital’s other workforce development offerings, taking pre-college preparatory courses and participating in the Partners Online College Preparation Program (OCPP).

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Carmen fulfilled a long-time personal goal of becoming a U.S. citizen in 2013. She was able to achieve this goal by participating in the free, onsite U.S. Citizenship Program at BWFH. Carmen is focusing on her short-term goal of completing the next phases of her education and registering for classes toward an associate degree in business at Roxbury Community College. Her long-term goal is to obtain her bachelor’s degree in business and continue her career growth.

“My involvement in these programs has been driven by my simple desire to achieve professional growth,” said Carmen, a mother of three young boys who believes she is setting an example for her children, including her two teenaged stepdaughters. "I feel that I owe it to myself and my family. I want them to see what can happen when you set goals and seize opportunities – you can achieve anything."

Watch Carmen's story below.

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Over the next several months, we’ll share a series of stories featuring outstanding employees from across the Partners HealthCare System. These success stories are shining examples among the 64,000 Partners employees who strive for excellence every day. At Partners we are deeply committed to providing pathways for our employees that will help them to achieve their personal and professional goals. Our workforce development programs help employees who want to begin or further their college experiences, grow their careers in science and health care, become an American citizen, or improve their understanding of the English language. These efforts help to develop a well prepared, engaged, and diverse group of workers that reflects the richness of the neighborhoods and patients our hospitals serve.

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