Patrick Menaged is a Distribution Technician II at Newton-Wellesley Hospital (NWH), where he has worked for more than six years. Over this time, Patrick has grown in his role, earning promotions and helping to mentor other technicians. In addition, he is the Materials Management Team Leader in the operating room (OR), where he is responsible for ordering and overseeing everything needed in the OR, including all supplies and equipment.

While at NWH, Patrick – who moved to the United States from Haiti in 2001 – took advantage of the hospital’s U.S. Citizenship Program, which provides assistance with the application process, practice interviews and preparation for the citizenship test. This free, onsite program is available to NWH employees and their families.

In February 2013, Patrick was delighted to become a U.S. citizen. “I feel more freedom now that I am a U.S. citizen, and I am happy that I can vote and have a voice in this great country,” said Patrick.

Watch Patrick’s story below.

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