Dr. Gary Gottlieb has announced that he will be stepping down as Partners HealthCare’s President and CEO next summer to pursue a new opportunity as CEO of Partners In Health. Dr. Gottlieb remains deeply committed to pursuing partnerships with South Shore Hospital and Hallmark Health that are fundamental to our vision of expanding access to affordable health care.

“We're on a pathway in which we are really in the midst of a substantial transformation,” Dr. Gottlieb told the Boston Business Journal.

Our plan to affiliate with South Shore Hospital and Hallmark Health would enable all of us to work together to deliver higher-quality, coordinated care to patients, closer to their homes at lower costs.

In a recent letter to the editor in The Boston Globe, Dr. Gottlieb responded to the idea that the partnership would increase costs for patients. On the contrary, we made an agreement with the Massachusetts attorney general to cap our prices at general inflation for six and a half years. “New payment models and price transparency are emerging,” he wrote. “We will lose patients and trusted referral sources if our costs are too high.”

Partners Board Chairman Ed Lawrence said, Partners has “a long-term strategy of how to meet the dramatically changing health care environment.”

Dr. Gottlieb is leading Partners through a time of great change with a focus on coordinated care and new models such as population health management, which includes advanced information technology systems. Partners’ hospitals have transformed in significant ways, as the Globe noted.

Lawrence also said that Partners is committed to today’s priorities thanks to strong support from our organization’s leadership. “This vision and the strategy is shared and supported by senior leaders at our hospitals,” as well as Partners board members, he told the Globe. “Partners’ vision for the future is bigger than one person.”

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