At Partners HealthCare, we’re dedicated to improving access to affordable, high-quality care, closer to patients’ homes. In early 2015, we will partner with MedSpring Urgent Care to open new urgent care centers in Eastern Massachusetts – and offer patients a lower-cost alternative to emergency department visits.

Across the US, more than half of all emergency department visits are for non-emergency conditions that could be safely treated in an urgent care setting. As a result, patients with non-emergency conditions often wait until those with life-threatening conditions have been treated.

To address this challenge, providers are opening urgent care centers to offer much-needed care during weekday and off-hours without a scheduled appointment.

Partners Urgent Care Centers will have physicians on-site from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week. Whether they schedule advance appointments or come for a walk-in visit, patients will have access to a range of treatments for routine illnesses and injuries from colds to broken bones. We’ll also offer on-site lab tests, digital X-rays, vaccines and physicals.

Care at Partners Urgent Care clinics will be covered by all public and commercial insurance plans, and by going to an urgent care center instead of the emergency department, patients may see considerable savings. For example, patients with a high-deductible plan could spend up to $1,000 on a visit to the emergency room, but comparable care for a non-life-threatening condition typically costs less than $200 when treated at an urgent care center.

Partners Urgent Care Centers will help fill an unmet need when an emergency department is not required – all while giving patients access to better, more affordable care, closer to their homes.

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