We’re teaming up with some of the country’s largest insurers and health care systems to promote new payment models for health care providers that improve the quality of care and help lower costs. As The New York Times reported this week, the Health Care Transformation Task Force will advocate for new payment structures that are based on the value provided to patients, instead of a fee-for-service model.

Our goal is to achieve “Triple Aim” outcomes: better health, better care, and lower costs. As part of the alliance, we’re committing to put 75 percent of our primary care patients into value-based arrangements by 2020. And at Partners, we are already on the right path.

All our hospitals now employ population health management programs, which are improving outcomes for patients around the state while lowering costs. Our involvement in the U.S. government’s Pioneer Accountable Care Organization program has led to more coordinated care and saved $17.7 million over the last two years by reducing the need for such services as hospital admissions. And we’re partnering with the state’s largest insurers in new payment models that help control costs and improve care.

We’re enthusiastic about working with an influential group of stakeholders – including Aetna, Health Care Service Corporation, and Ascension – and we look forward to the opportunity to help lead the way in this revolutionary program.

There’s no quick solution to transforming health care at this scale, but we have a responsibility to bring about the necessary changes, however long it takes.

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