David Torchiana

We are pleased to share the news that the Partners HealthCare Board of Directors met Wednesday evening to choose its next President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. David Torchiana. He is currently Chairman and CEO of the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO). Dr. Torchiana is recognized and respected as a thoughtful, caring leader whose wisdom and understanding of today’s health care environment will provide a steady hand for Partners in the years ahead.

Last fall, Dr. Gary Gottlieb announced his intentions to step down from his leadership position this year to join Partners In Health as its CEO. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Gottlieb for his dedication and his vision for our organization as he set us on a course that has proven to be an important guide for our future. Dr. Torchiana will assume his new role in March 2015.

We are delighted that Dr. Torchiana has accepted the Board’s offer to serve and carry forward the mission of Partners HealthCare. Not only does he have strong roots in our community, he has a deep understanding and appreciation of the value that our system brings to all of our patients. He has been an advocate for our research and teaching mission as well as a selfless mentor, creating a cadre of leaders at the MGPO, many of whom have assumed Partners-wide roles.

Known by many as “Torch,” he is transitioning from his current role with the MGPO, the largest physician practice in New England, representing more than 2,000 doctors. His personal history in medicine takes him back to Harvard Medical School where he graduated in 1981. He is now an associate professor of surgery there. He completed residencies in general surgery and cardiothoracic surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) before joining the Department of Surgery in 1989. Dr. Torchiana was named chief of cardiac surgery at MGH in 1998 and then became CEO of the MGPO in 2003.

Dr. Torchiana brings with him the inherent instincts and the political savvy to be an outstanding leader for Partners. He has an appreciation for each institution within our system and all the remarkable people who dedicate themselves to the mission every day. He helped to shepherd the MGPO’s innovative and successful Medicare High Risk demonstration project, which is the cornerstone of Partners’ Population Health Management initiative, to improve care coordination for our patients with a focus on high-quality, affordability and accessibility. During this time of uncertainty in the health care environment, Dr. Torchiana will be a leader who provides stability and lends a voice of assurance to the community that Partners HealthCare wants to help address the challenges and be part of a solution.

Dr. Gottlieb started us on this strategic pathway more than five years ago, and we are well on our way to implementing key initiatives that will improve care for our patients and sustain us as a pre-eminent academic health system – these include Population Health Management, Partners eCare, the Partners Community Physician Organization and the Partners Biobank. We are appreciative of his commitment to our mission and his support of the 64,000 men and women of Partners HealthCare.

Dr. Gottlieb has distinguished himself as a leader who has assumed a variety of roles in institutions across our organization. He has accepted key positions in our community, where his leadership talents could help to inspire others. He has supported the work of the president, the governor, the mayor of Boston, business leaders, community advocates and other health care providers. His passion has always been mental health and assisting the underserved and communities at highest risk, with special attention to workforce development and expanding educational opportunities for the young people across our region. We wish Dr. Gottlieb much success with Partners In Health.

We would like to thank the members of the search committee for their thorough and thoughtful work. As Partners HealthCare takes a new step forward, we will do so together as a system of the world’s most respected hospitals. Our entire Partners family accepts the responsibility that we all have to help make a difference in the lives of those who will depend on us for their health care for generations to come.

Partners HealthCare Board Chair Edward Lawrence originally shared this announcement by email with Partners employees.

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