Mayor Walsh at MLK Summer Scholars EVENT

A summer job can prove to be much more than a paycheck—it can be a valuable professional experience that gives young people the opportunity to connect with mentors. And economic and educational opportunities can in turn have a positive impact on health.

At Partners HealthCare, we are committed to addressing all the social factors that affect health. That’s why we have once again partnered with John Hancock on the MLK Summer Scholars Program.

We're very proud of this partnership, as it helps to ensure that nearly 650 Boston public school students have summer employment. The MLK Summer Scholars will be employed by local non-profits for the summer months, while they also participate in weekly learning workshops that teach them valuable life lessons.

In his recent address to the Scholars, Mayor Martin Walsh emphasized that the experience as a MLK Summer Scholar is a powerful one because it can “open up a whole new world of possibilities.”

We are excited to support the young people of our community as they begin to explore the many possibilities for their future. We are confident that the skills they gain through the MLK Summer Scholars Program will serve them well as future leaders of the workforce. Congratulations to all of the Scholars on their great accomplishment!

Topics: Community Partnerships, Scholarship, Diversity and Inclusion

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