Reducing the cost of health care is a top priority for Partners HealthCare. For the past 40 years, per capita health expenditures in the U.S. have risen at a rate higher than inflation, with challenging consequences. For U.S. employers operating in a global marketplace, rising health care costs can be crippling to the bottom line. When it comes to government payers, tight budgets that have to accommodate defense, infrastructure, education, social services and more can’t tolerate increasing health care costs. Finally, some argue that too much health care spending is wasted.

There’s no question that something needs to change, and we have an obligation to help make that happen. Through a series of posts here, we’ll be sharing our thoughts on this subject including the facts about health care costs and how we are doing our share to reduce them.

For background, read a few of our recent posts on the cost of health care:

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