For more than 20 years, the Partners HealthCare workforce that supports our world-renowned institutions has been scattered across 15 locations in the Boston metro area. As a result, working across departments has been challenging for many of our employees. This week, that starts to change as the official move-in at our new Assembly Row complex begins.

The move involves a majority of our 4,500 Partners HealthCare employees from departments that serve key support functions including finance, human resources, information systems, communications, legal, and more. Space on the 11th floor of the Prudential Center will remain as a central meeting place and headquarters.

Combining most staff in a single-campus setting offers our organization three key benefits: uniting the culture, improving efficiency, and reducing costs. “Bringing people together under one roof will break down silos to create a more unified culture and provide many more opportunities for inter-departmental collaboration,” said Peter Markell, executive vice president of Administration & Finance, CFO and Treasurer and the leader of the Assembly Row project. “Departments and areas who work closely together or who have shared aspects of large projects will be located adjacent to one another in the new space.”

The Assembly Row facility was designed to make it easier to share resources and maximize efficiency across the organization. An emphasis on shared resources – everything from printers to office supplies to “huddle rooms” for meetings – will improve efficiency and effectiveness while streamlining work processes. And reducing the costs associated with operating multiple sites is expected to save more than $10 million in annual office lease costs. Conference rooms that can handle up to 600 people and a dedicated training facility with the latest in electronic connections round out the new space’s offerings.

This project is a transformative step for our organization. The move to Assembly Row is an exciting opportunity to show how a new space can better support the Partners mission of enhancing patient care and serving our community.

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