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Within a five-mile radius of Harvard Square, there is more biomedical research talent than there is in any city in the world. And, Boston’s hospitals are second to none. This combination of factors, according to Larry Summers, the former US Treasury Secretary and president emeritus at Harvard University, means Boston can be to this century what Florence was to the 15th century.

Summers made this case in last week’s Boston Globe. Among Summers’ key points – Massachusetts needs a public policy framework in which our outstanding hospitals can thrive and prosper and devote themselves to developing the treatments of tomorrow and the next generation of health care leaders.

We wrote in this space last week about the role that Boston hospitals play to help fuel the region’s innovation economy. Summers calls for a public policy environment that nurtures and builds upon the Commonwealth’s strong health care foundation and reminds us – citing the state’s digital dominance in the late 1970’s – that we cannot afford to repeat past mistakes.

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