The Care New England Health System of Providence, Rhode Island (CNE) has announced its intent to join Partners HealthCare. Pending regulatory approval, the decision would mark a culmination of a collaborative cardiovascular and surgical relationship that began at Brigham and Women’s Hospital back in 2009.

As part of the partnership, Kent Hospital in Warwick; Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island in Providence; the VNA of Care New England, based in Warwick; Butler Hospital in Providence; and The Providence Center will become part of Partners. In addition, the education and research relationship between CNE and Brown University would continue to play a critical role in the region’s health care landscape and its future development.

“Today’s announcement represents the positive results of an extremely careful and deliberate process intended to ensure the best clinical, financial, and strategic direction forward for CNE,” said Board Chair Charles R. Reppucci. “While we are taking the first steps in this process, we do so with the utmost optimism and dedication to ensuring the successful completion of this affiliation with Partners which represents a unique and compelling opportunity in the advancement of Rhode Island health care delivery.”

Partners HealthCare President and CEO David Torchiana, MD, said this new partnership represents the beginning of a process that will better meet the needs of New England’s patients through improved access to specialized care.

“As health reform here and across the nation evolves, providers are developing more regional strategies and this affiliation between Partners and Care New England is a natural step in that evolution. However, despite the many changes in health policy, one constant has always remained – at the heart of all our efforts is the patient,” he said.

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