The doctors, clinicians, and experts that make up the Partners network understand that the highest quality health care is possible only when we collaborate in service of our patients.

Which is why, from the beginning, we’ve made it our mission to bring together the best minds, research, education, and hospitals in the region. And today, more than 20 years after Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital founded Partners HealthCare, this belief continues to drive a wide range of initiatives that move forward only when we work together with our neighbors, peers, and colleagues from here at home to around the world.

In our Partners HealthCare 2016 Annual Report, out now, the “Better Together” ethos is present on every page. Give it a read today and see for yourself the depth of our commitment to better outcomes for our patients and the communities in which we serve.

Read the full digital version of the Partners HealthCare 2016 Annual Report by clicking here.

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