Today, Kate Walsh, president and CEO of Boston Medical Center, and our own Dr. David Torchiana, delivered a full-throated editorial in support of the Boston health care community’s commitment to fighting the clear and growing threat of climate change. In doing so, they invoked the bold words of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh: “The City of Boston will not back down.”

And, present uncertainty on the U.S. national climate change front aside, neither will the health care organizations that dot Massachusetts and make this state a global leader, not just in quality and innovation, but also in how policy can help fight climate change’s impact on our future.

To echo the words of Walsh and Dr. Torchiana today, we urge health care leaders to fully embrace initiatives such as Climate Ready Boston, which will develop solutions that mitigate the effects of climate change on the city in the future. We also challenge other institutions to learn from and implement their own version of BMC’s plan to be carbon neutral for all energy by 2018. And finally, we hope our own efforts to be carbon net positive by 2025 will influence our peers, and push them to rethink how a health care organization might reduce its impact on the environment.

As Walsh and Dr. Torchiana explain, with the climate change fight we’re well on our way—but there is still so much more to do. At Partners, we pledge to continue to drive health care forward in ways that can reduce or eliminate the negative effects of climate change on the communities we serve. We invite the health care community at large to join the effort and do the same.

To read the full editorial, please visit the Boston Globe.

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