Earlier this year, the Epic clinical and revenue cycle applications went live at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston. At the same time, Spaulding implemented Nuance Dragon Medical 360, clinical speech recognition software that replaces traditional transcription of the clinical narrative with computerized voice recognition.

Clinicians at Spaulding were trained to use the specialized voice recognition software alongside Epic applications while preparing for launch, leading to a 100% provider adoption rate on Day 1 of implementation.

When integrated with Epic, the software enables providers to use voice commands to execute multiple keypresses and mouse clicks. By using the software to enable providers to speak in plain English instead of manually entering Epic codes and sequences, we can increase provider efficiency, allowing for more time to connect with patients. The enterprise license that Partners utilizes for this software enables all interested providers to use the technology, and in the future, many providers joining Partners will have the option to learn to use this software alongside Epic, mirroring the Spaulding model.

At Spaulding, the simultaneous implementation led to a 92% reduction in transcription on the very first day of go-live. The estimated annual savings for Spaulding is approximately $500,000 per year.

John Campbell, Chief Information Officer for Partners Continuing Care, adds, “The success of our adoption is largely the result of integrating Dragon directly into our training, practice labs and support strategies. We hired Credentialed Trainers and Super Users cross-trained in both Epic and their software. We also selected a handful of physicians, who were trained on it in months beforehand and started using it in our Meditech environment – which allowed them to gain comfort, get some ‘early wins’ and create a team of internal champions to support their peers once we went live.”

As more of our hospitals and organizations go-live on Epic, the Partners Dragon team is shifting focus from implementation to the ongoing expansion of the software’s functionality and user support. The team continues to guide improvements to both the training approach and the capability of the software to interact with Epic.

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