13 Hospitals, 207 Practices, 74,000 Users, all Using One Integrated Health Record

This month, the largest strategic initiative in Partners history – the implementation of the Epic electronic health record (EHR) across our system – is celebrating its initial completion within its original timeline, helping us deliver more coordinated care to millions of our patients.

In July 2012, Partners announced it would embark on a five-year plan to implement the Epic integrated electronic health record for clinical and business functions. Representing major work flow and culture changes for clinicians and administrators across the system, the ambitious project was much more than an Epic IT project alone. Partners leadership established the name Partners eCare in recognition of the project’s true scope: in addition to information technology specialists, it required intensive input from thousands of clinicians, administrative staff, leaders and vendors.

How we did it: Bringing to life the Partners eCare guiding principle of “One Patient. One Record. One Team. One Partners Statement.” required years of decision-making, application build, system and biomedical integration, manual and automated data conversion, security and access decisions, hardware mapping, operational and organizational readiness, testing and training – much of which continues today in conjunction with ongoing implementations. The program has helped Partners collaborate as an integrated health care system and focus collectively about Partners patients. Thanks to these efforts, millions of Partners patients are now receiving more personalized, coordinated and efficient care.

Bringing to life the Partners eCare guiding principle of “One Patient. One Record. One Team. One Partners Statement.”

What it means for Partners patients: By establishing a shared, integrated electronic health record, Partners providers, researchers and staff are now able to leverage vast data to support ongoing safety, quality, affordability and efficiency initiatives. This collaboration is also paving the way for further connectivity among Partners hospitals and organizations. Partners eCare now serves as an enabling program, underpinning Partners’ objective to increase efficiency, reduce cost, build on growth opportunities and communicate more effectively across the system for the benefits of its patients.

Where we are now: In its fifth year, Partners eCare teams remain committed to system support and optimization, with a focus on improving the usability of clinical and business applications through ongoing enhancements, and increasing user proficiency through education. Partners eCare teams are collaborating with subject matter experts across the organization to enable further integration of medical devices, increase patient access, expand pools of potential research study participants, and track and close gaps in care.

What’s next: As the program continues to mature and shift to a support organization, the Partners eCare platform will support many

Partners emerging initiatives that aim to leverage technology to develop more personalized care, including the Partners Biobank, the use of Patient Reported Outcome Measures and improved quality reporting. Partners eCare also remains focused on upcoming Epic implementations at Cooley Dickinson Health Care, Spaulding Brighton and additional Partners Community Physicians Organization practices in 2017, and will continue to grow and enhance the system in the years ahead.

Learn more about the Partners eCare journey, and how the system is supporting the future of health care.

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