Is the Senate health care bill the right prescription for the right condition? Two opinion pieces in this morning's Boston Herald identify ways in which the Senate's "cure" misdiagnoses the health care challenges we face—with unintended side effects.

In an op-ed, Brigham and Women's Hospital President Betsy Nabel and Massachusetts General Hospital President Peter Slavin point out that the bill's price controls and the sanctions it proposes will have unintended consequences for the very patients it is supposed to help. Better, they explain, to support community hospitals with funding to offset the impact of Medicaid growth and commercial rates.

Similarly, the Herald's editorial board argues that the bill takes aim at the wrong symptoms—unfairly exploiting employers whose workers sign up for MassHealth at the expense of "cost-saving reforms that Gov. Charlie Baker had proposed months ago."

Further, they argue that the chorus of concern from insurers, hospitals, and employers alike point to legislation with a poor prognosis.

Read more in the Boston Herald op-ed piece and editorial article.

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