The Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary sees approximately 300,000 patients each year—and has seen its share of challenges in the 193 years since its founding. But after years of financial challenges, the specialty hospital—which treats eye, ear, nose, and throat conditions from common cataracts to complicated head and neck cancers—needs the support of an integrated care system to continue its work.

Mass. Eye and Ear is not alone in these challenges. As health care payment models shift from volume to value, other specialty hospitals—such as the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary—are joining forces with larger health systems that allow them to pool resources, broaden their patient base, expand research initiatives, and make capital investments. In fact, today, Mass. Eye and Ear is the last independent eye and ear hospital in the nation. All others have either joined larger systems – or closed their doors altogether.

For Mass. Eye and Ear, Partners is a natural ally. The hospital already shares ophthalmology and otolaryngology services with Massachusetts General Hospital, with which its building is physically connected. And, the most important benefit of a new partnership will appeal to and accrue to area patients. By working together, Partners Hospitals and Mass. Eye and Ear can more effectively manage the care of an aging population in growing need of advanced vision and hearing services.

John Fernandez, president of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, firmly believes that by working together, we can advance the Mass. Eye and Ear vision to cure blindness and deafness for patients around the world. In a recent letter to Mass. Eye and Ear patients, he stated his support of this merger.

“Our Board, Chiefs and Executive Team firmly believe that joining Partners is the best plan for Mass. Eye and Ear to continue providing world-leading patient care, finding life-changing treatments and cures for blindness and deafness and training the next generation of physicians and scientists.”

John Fernandez, president of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

Read more about the proposed acquisition here.

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