In the past century, medical advances have added 25 years to our lifespan, and yet, Partners Vice President for Connected Health Joseph Kvedar, MD, notes that we have not done enough to ensure individuals are living vibrant, productive, healthy lives as we age. Dr. Kvedar calls this issue the “healthspan,” and in a recent TEDxBeaconStreet talk, he explained how technology—and a connected health delivery model—can help us get there.

By letting technology do what it does well—gathering data, synthesizing information, and generating care plans—and allowing healthcare providers to focus on the uniquely human elements of care, we can deepen the doctor-patient connection, explains Dr. Kvedar. He points to the success of the ePAL cancer care app, developed in collaboration between Partners Connected Health and the MGH Palliative Care Service. ePAL resulted in better symptom management and enhanced patient satisfaction at Massachusetts General Hospital, providing evidence of what is possible with connected care. By adopting more technologies like it, Dr. Kvedar adds, we can paradoxically deliver more emotionally intelligent care—and make the 21st century the century of the healthspan.

View Dr. Kvedar’s full TED talk here.

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