For decades, health care reform in Washington, DC has been mired in partisan politics, often limiting policymakers’ ability to enact solutions that enhance quality and access. A new effort aims to break the gridlock and deliver affordable, quality care—and Partners HealthCare has a seat at the table.

This new initiative, United States of Care, brings together health care leaders from the policy, patient advocacy, clinical, business, and innovation spheres, all with a single shared goal: to ensure that every American, regardless of income or social status, has access to affordable sources of care. The Founder's Council of the United States of Care, which includes Partners President and CEO David Torchiana, MD, represents the entire political spectrum—the kind of partisan collaboration that the majority of Americans believe is critical to solving health care’s greatest challenges.

The effort will begin with a state-by-state listening tour that aims to gather patients’ stories, engage medical health care policy experts, and identify state-level innovations that could be scaled to create long-term national solutions.

Read more about the United States of Care and its mission here.

Topics: Industry Interactions, Community Partnerships, Legislation

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