From industry consolidation to disruptive technology, a range of pressing health care topics were central to the conversation at the Boston Business Journal’s Power Breakfast, held at Harvard Medical School on February 15. Partners HealthCare President and CEO David Torchiana, MD, was one of four health care leaders participating in the panel discussion before 200 attendees, moderated by Boston Business Journal executive editor Doug Banks.

Among many other observations noted during the wide-ranging dialogue, Torchiana noted that the March 1 launch of the Medicaid Accountable Care Organization (ACO) model, piloted at Partners since December 2016, holds much promise and will “require a lot of work…for patients to understand new paradigms and options for freedom.” Panelist Rosemarie Day, who helped launch the original Massachusetts Healthcare Connector, agreed, calling ACOs a “place where the government can be sponsoring and catalyzing innovation.” Building on the topic of innovation, Torchiana pointed to artificial intelligence (AI) among the most promising technology advances, noting that AI could take “the world by storm in the next five years…having an impact on provider productivity.”

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Photo credit: Boston Business Journal

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