For patients seeking treatment for a wide range of challenging conditions, Partners HealthCare’s wealth of clinical trials offer access to novel therapies or treatment strategies otherwise unavailable in the normal course of care. Trials can provide much-needed cutting-edge options and hope for patients when both are sparse, and have direct and sustainable impact on the care we provide across the Partners system.

Harnessing the potential of those trials for the benefit of patients is the primary goal of the Partners HealthCare Clinical Trials Office (CTO). Dr. Anne Klibanski, chief academic officer, recently appointed Stephen Wiviott, MD as executive director of this office. In this role, Dr. Wiviott will build on the office’s efforts to create efficiencies across Partners’ clinical trial sites, together constituting one of the world’s largest research hubs.

“Building on Partners’ significant institutional expertise, we will work to expand the way we support our trials—leveraging Partners’ resources and fostering awareness of our breadth and depth of clinical trials,” says Dr. Wiviott. He notes that the clinical trials management system, which tracks study protocols and helps researchers to coordinate patient outreach, is one of the tools the office uses to create resource and cost efficiencies that “catalyze the performance” of each individual investigator and trial. In addition, Dr. Wiviott notes that the CTO will work to help empower patients to learn quickly and directly about the large number of available trials, especially those that are most relevant to them.

Dr. Wiviott understands firsthand the unique complexities and challenges involved with this type of research: He brings two decades of his own clinical trials experience to the office, including as senior investigator with the Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction (TIMI) Study Group, and has played key roles in planning, implementing, and interpreting multicenter, national, and international clinical trials.

“It’s my intention to bring my experience in clinical trials to help us both interact more effectively with potential external collaborators and sponsors, and to identify even greater opportunities for internal collaboration among Partners investigators and research teams,” says Dr. Wiviott.

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