As partnership talks continue between Partners HealthCare and Care New England, enhancing population health and value-based care remain guiding principles for Partners’ future, concentrated in the region.

“We’re looking at other places in New England where we think we can find people who want to work with us, (where) we think we’re aligned in terms of the model in terms of delivery of care, population health,” Partners CFO Peter Markell recently told the Boston Business Journal.

At Care New England (Rhode Island), efforts to streamline care and costs have returned its operations to solid financial footing, suggesting that the Rhode Island-based nonprofit health system shares Partners’ commitment to lowering costs while enhancing the patient experience. Meanwhile, initial conversations about a Partners/Harvard Pilgrim partnership could further strengthen that commitment by helping Partners reduce administrative duplication and more efficiently manage high volumes of patients on a budget.

“If you look at a premium dollar, insurers want a margin, providers want a margin. You’re making it on the same dollar spend,” Markell said. “If you do it together, you can create savings. There are a lot of administrative costs built into the system that we think can be done differently, and we’re trying to find people who want to do it differently with us.”

Read more about Partners’ financial results and priorities in the Boston Business Journal.

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