Big data is everywhere – including the Partners HealthCare System. McKinsey Global Institute has reported that “data driven organizations are 20 times more likely to acquire new customers, six times more likely to retain those customers and 19 times more likely to be profitable as a result.” Partners has a strong data foundation, built on the extensive innovation driven through research plus the investments made in the technical infrastructure. However, many studies demonstrate that health care organizations have historically lagged behind in maximizing data compared to highly analytic industries like financial services and high tech. Partners, like other health care organizations, can also improve and has the opportunity to build on the strong foundation already in place and maximize the impact from data and analytics.

To fully uncover the benefits of improved data analytics—and enable enhanced decision-making and patient care at our institutions—Partners is providing our data and analytic experts with highly usable data and the right tools, infrastructure, and analytic products. In September 2017, John Pyhtila joined Partners as Chief Data and Analytics Officer, charged with maximizing the utility of our vast data assets to support better outcomes in both clinical and administrative operations. We brought together Partners eCare Reporting, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, as well analytics teams from both the Center for Population Health and Quality, Safety & Value to form the new Data and Analytics Organization (DAO).

Over the past year, John and his team have worked with data and analytics leaders to identify how Partners can realize increased value from our extensive data assets. John explains, “At Partners, we have significant analytic expertise throughout the system, and our responsibility in the DAO is to enable our experts by providing them with the best data and infrastructure so they can better do their job.”

Enabling the advancement of a data driven culture is an ongoing focus that will influence our work. Currently, the DAO is focusing on:

• Building out our Enterprise Data Warehouse by bringing in new data sources, developing new reporting and analytic applications, and supporting our growing users;

• Delivering Partners eCare data and reporting solutions to our institutions and Partners teams to support their day-to-day operations and inform their strategies;

• Uncovering insights through advanced analytics to support both the Center for Population Health and Quality, Safety & Value to meet their strategic goals;

• Building out an Enterprise Data Governance Program to improve the overall usability of all our data assets and improve our employees’ data literacy; and

• Working closely with Human Resources to build out and execute a Data and Analytics Talent Strategy.

“These new insights will then lead to better actions and, in the end, better results for our stakeholders, and ultimately, our patients.”

John Pyhtila, Partners Chief Data and Analytics Officer

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