At Partners HealthCare, we understand that too many members of our community face obstacles to good health—and the key role that community organizations can play in overcoming those obstacles. Partners and its Boston hospitals are joining with other Boston hospitals in supporting a collaborative that will help to align the resources of community partners to address the critical health needs of Boston residents. That work will take shape through a community health needs assessment (CHNA). Conducted every three years, 2019 represents the landmark initial year of this joint effort.

The initiative, the Boston CHNA-CHIP Collaborative (Community Health Needs Assessment-Community Health Improvement Plan), is a nearly year-long, community-engaged process that brings together community organizations, health centers, hospitals, and the Boston Public Health Commission to distinguish the most pressing community health needs in Boston and its neighborhoods. This process will identify priority health needs that will lead to coordinated initiatives aimed at making progress on health equity in Boston’s communities.

With an emphasis on the social factors that impact health, often called the ‘social determinants of health’ such as housing, food, and education, the collaborative will help to bring Partners’ efforts in this arena to the fore, and amplify these programs’ effectiveness in the community. Several Partners-affiliated community health leaders are on the Collaborative’s steering committee, and members of the Partners Corporate Community Team have played a key role in bringing the effort, which launched with an event this fall, to life.

“Across all of the communities we serve, our hospitals engage with community partners to support individuals at risk of poor health due to a wide range of social and economic factors,” says Tavinder Phull, Director, Community Health Reporting & Compliance. “This exciting new collaborative effort promises to result in greater collective impact on the health of Boston residents.”

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