Accessibility is key to the care provided by Spaulding Rehabilitation. So when Spaulding recently set out to update its website, the many needs of its diverse populations—who face myriad physical challenges—were top of mind. “Unfortunately, in most aspects of society, including in health care, digital spaces haven’t kept pace with physical ones in terms of accessibility,” says David Storto, President of Spaulding. “We needed a website designed to meet all of our patients where they are.”

To achieve this goal, Spaulding needed a partner well-versed in website accessibility, and found that partner in Perkins Access, affiliated with the Perkins School for the Blind. Together with customer experience agency HERO Digital, and digital consulting firm Klish Group, Perkins brought in expertise in inclusive design and a clear understanding of best practices in web design for people with disabilities.

Among a host of new accessibility characteristics, the streamlined site that resulted from the collaborative project includes color contrasts between typeface and background to ensure maximum readability, alternative texts for images that describes content in a picture, and full keyboard functionality, which enables users to easily navigate the site without a mouse. All of the features are designed to ensure that information on Spaulding’s services and individuals’ care is readily available to all.

Read more on the project at Perkins Access.

Image credit - Perkins Access.