Technology advances in health care have both saved lives and enhanced the quality of life for patients—and harnessing those advances holds immense promise. That is the key mission of Partners HealthCare Pivot Labs, where a multidisciplinary team develops and executes digital health research and strategy in collaboration with top pharmaceutical, research, and technology companies.

"I am passionate about improving access to quality equitable care, promoting wellness, preventing diseases, and limiting the complications of chronic diseases...I have really enjoyed being an advocate on health care transformation through digital health technology."

Ramya Palacholla, MD

Pivot Labs is the ideal home base for Ramya Palacholla, MD, Lead Scientist. There, she pursues research aimed at applying technology to enhance access to quality, equitable care while promoting wellness and reducing the impact of chronic disease. Her investigation of “Innovative Tumor Response Forecasting Model in Breast Cancer Patients” was recognized by the Harvard Ideation Challenge along with the Boston Scientific/Google Connected Patient Challenge.

Dr. Palacholla recently spoke to India New England about her research, women’s leadership, and where she finds inspiration. Read her interview here.

Image via India New England.