The holidays bring fun with family and friends—which often revolves around food. But partaking in the festivities need not mean foregoing the healthy lifestyle choices you try to stick to during the rest of the year, says Jenna Koroly, MS, RD, LDN, a registered dietitian at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital (BWFH).

“With some creativity and planning, you can stay on track with your health goals,” notes Koroly. Below are some tips from the Center for Weight Management and Metabolic Surgery, inspired by bariatric surgery patients but applicable for anyone seeking to balance good nutrition with occasional indulgences this season.

-Don’t forget fiber. Roasted vegetables such as squash, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts or beets, with a little olive oil and seasonings, are an easy and delicious way to sneak it in.

-Fill your cup. Stay hydrated by sipping water between meals, and choose festive seasonal teas at dessert time to control portion sizes of sweets.

-Fuel up. A light meal or fiber- and protein-rich snack before the main event can help you manage hunger and limit portion sizes of more indulgent foods. An apple with 2 tsp peanut butter, veggies with 2 Tbsp hummus or ¼ cup of nuts with cinnamon can all do the trick.

-Plan ahead. Consider your two favorite days during the holidays and allow yourself the greatest flexibility for food on those days.

-Keep it moving. Try to set a goal to build physical activity like walking or body weight exercises into at least four days per week of your holiday season schedule.

Find more tips from Karoly here.

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