As the quest to better understand, treat and prevent COVID-19 continues, Partners HealthCare is engaged in wide-ranging research projects designed to enhance global understanding of the novel virus.

The studies are focused on better tracking the range of symptoms associated with COVID-19, along with identifying localized outbreaks and understanding the condition’s course of recovery. They include:

  • The COVID-19 Symptom Tracker App: To identify risk factors related to COVID-19 in order to create a method of daily follow-up for those at risk – both healthy and infected individuals – researchers are using the app to collect real-time information as users report their diagnosis, symptoms and treatment methods. The hope is that learnings from the app about COVID-19 can be used to prevent the next global outbreak. Read more.
  • Recovered Individuals Study: This research will study recovered individuals to promote understanding of the virus’ impact on specific organ systems and the immune response mounted to resist and fight the disease – and hopefully inform treatments and a vaccine. Read more.
  • Antibody Study: By isolating immune cells and antibodies, the proteins produced by immune cells in response to SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent for Coronavirus Infectious Disease (COVID-19), researchers hope to help identify vaccine targets. Read more.

Learn about these and other COVID-19 research projects, including studies of new and expectant mothers and individuals with chronic pain, underway at Partners. (Note, some projects are invitation only due to eligibility requirements).

To stay up to date on Coronavirus preparedness, please reference our ongoing Partners HealthCare resources and announcement page here.

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