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Community Impact

The success of our network is measured by the health of the communities we serve. That’s why we believe that our role extends beyond the traditional boundaries of health care to include ensuring the wellness of individuals and their families, meeting critical social needs, and contributing to the overall health of the regional economy.

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This belief represents more than a commitment – it’s our calling. It’s what drives us to tackle community-wide challenges such as the opioid epidemic by engaging every aspect of our system. We train our providers to provide the right treatment for patients with substance use disorders at our emergency departments. We aim to help these patients fulfill their roles as parents, employees, and family members when they go back into their communities. And we create partnerships with law enforcement, social services, and the business community to address the problem at its roots.

Our sense of community goes beyond geography. From a new sustainably built hospital on Nantucket to a system-wide decarbonization effort and nursing-led research initiative, we are tackling the dire humanitarian and economic threat of global climate change head-on. And when a crisis hits, we take a public health approach to help protect lives by equipping first responders – and even the general public – with the knowledge to make a difference.

We work toward ensuring the collective strength of our communities. As Massachusetts’ largest employer, we must create economy-sustaining jobs and confirm we have the workforce necessary to meet our patients’ needs in the future. We have an obligation to be an anchor for the communities we serve, as well as for our member institutions who stand to benefit from our collective success.