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Future of Health

At Partners HealthCare, the future is now. Today, the innovations of tomorrow are emerging in our laboratories and treatment rooms – the product of investigation, discovery, and the relentless pursuit of new ways to prevent and cure disease.

40% reduction in patients’ LDL cholesterol levels after the iHeart Champion pilot program

As we uncover the genetic and cellular roots of disease, we raise hope for diagnoses that, until now, were considered hopeless. The pursuit of entirely new treatments based on a patient’s unique biology is yielding unprecedented insights and advances for such conditions as inherited retinal disease and eating disorders, while dedicated research within the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network uncovers the science of recovery. All along these research pathways are patients – both today’s heroes as our clinical trials’ first-ever participants, and tomorrow’s beneficiaries of the innovations we seek to uncover.

These discoveries also take shape beyond biology, through technologies designed to enhance both the design and the delivery of care. As new telehealth tools electronically facilitate the right care at the right time, data algorithms layered on our shared medical record system more closely align care with individual patients’ risk factors and diagnoses – while reframing how we track outcomes and improve quality.

Our progress doesn’t always come in high-tech form. At Newton-Wellesley Hospital, a focused effort to reimagine the patient experience has confirmed an essential truth: Innovation in patient care at times requires no more than listening more closely to our patients’ wishes and needs. As we move into the future we imagine, those needs remain the true north guiding our work forward.