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Patient Care

Each year, 1.5 million patients walk through our doors, seeking care for a wide range of conditions, every one recorded in our electronic health record. Behind that vast number there are real people. People of all ages and backgrounds, each with their own story, point of view, and wide-ranging needs – and something to teach us about enhancing care and improving medicine for everyone.

It starts with the tiniest patients, babies born medically critical, who now benefit from a cutting-edge imaging system in the Brigham and Women’s Hospital NICU that eliminates precious minutes and unnecessary risk tied to their care. Equally fragile older patients, vulnerable to falls and wounds, who receive enhanced care from innovations at Massachusetts General Hospital and Partners HealthCare at Home. Patients with specific sets of needs based on their gender identity, geography, or social determinants of health – all of whom we strive every day to recognize and meet where they are, with the very best medicine our system is poised to offer.

8% of the nation’s hospitals have received Magnet® designation

Unparalleled, coordinated research and clinical collaborations across our system fuel game-changing advances in patient care, and equip us to welcome the most intractable patient cases to our treatment rooms. Technology, however, is only as valuable as the practitioners who bring it to our patients – the nurses and doctors whose dedication leads the industry, and who are tireless in their pursuit of excellence. Our providers need care, too – and we strive to support and promote their own wellness in new and innovative ways.

We’re in this together. Across Partners HealthCare, a virtuous cycle of discovery, progress, and enhanced outcomes propels our system as a collective whole, advancing what health care can do for real people, everywhere.