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Preventing Patient Falls Through Innovation

Patient falls are a leading cause of hospital- associated complications and poor outcomes nationally – and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is committed to preventing them. MGH Neuroscience Staff Nurse Jared Jordan, RN, became focused on the problem when one of his patients fell while using the bathroom. Jared’s troubleshooting led him to create a pioneering harness-like tether that would stabilize a patient while toileting; two years later, there is a patent pending on the device. The invention was ushered through the development pipeline with support from an Innovation Design Excellence Award (IDEA) grant from the MGH Center for Innovation in Care Delivery, which accelerates innovations that benefit patient care. Jared says, “I became a nurse to help people and this invention is another way to accomplish this on a much broader scale.”

Patient falls are a leading cause of hospital-associated complications and poor outcomes nationally.