Coming together as a single, integrated health care system focused on enhancing our patient impact is the reason we are changing our system name to Mass General Brigham. A system-wide, cross-functional team is involved in our branding efforts, and we are working on a thoughtful process for how we best roll this out, always keeping patients and clinical care our top priority. Here are a few questions we’ve been hearing…

Why is it important to rename our system?

Our new name builds on the reputations of our world-class academic medical centers (AMCs) who founded the system and fosters a greater sense of the connectivity for all our institutions. The name has meaning to people. We can create a clearer sense of how all parts of our system work together for our patients.

Many of our employees took the brand survey. Patients did as well. What did you learn?

While we tested several options for names, the clear favorite was Mass General Brigham. In fact, the two hospital names are so strong that when placed together there’s no need for what we’d call a “qualifier” like system or health.

What has been the focus since the Partners Board voted in late November to change our name?

There’s been a tremendous amount of work happening since the Board vote. One important focus is linking our new name to our system-wide strategy created by leaders across our system. We are developing a graphic identity, or logo, to accompany our new name, and we are completing a comprehensive inventory of all things where our names appear such as buildings and web properties. This early work is the foundation of our planning for how we will bring our new name and identity to our patients locally, across the country and globally.

Should we start using our new name now?

It’s great to see the enthusiasm for our new name, and some have already begun to use Mass General Brigham. It’s fine to show your pride in our new name by using it internally, but we are still working out details for its use externally. Expect lots of excitement for the formal name change later this spring.

There’s been a lot of talk about cost. What should we know about that issue?

Branding our system will require investment, but that is all part of the planning that is being thoughtfully discussed. It is worth noting that branding is an important component of how we relate with our patients and our communities. That’s why you are seeing and hearing so much more from other health care systems around the country.

Thank you for all of the thoughtful comments and questions. We will answer them in an upcoming edition of Connections. Please direct any further questions or comments to

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