Partners HealthCare is empowering its patients through Apple’s Health Records feature and other consumer health applications so they can better manage their health. Patients enrolled in the Partners Patient Gateway health portal can now authorize parts of their medical record to be shared with a range of third party apps—enabling them to play a bigger role in their own care.

Apple is one of the first organizations to leverage this capability, and Partners is among a group of the nation’s leading health systems working with Apple to launch this new feature. With the updated Health Records feature, patients using the Apple Health app on their iPhones may have medical information from various health care providers organized into one view covering allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures, and vitals, and may receive notifications when their data is updated.

The Health Records feature will contain a directory of connected organizations including Partners HealthCare, Brigham Health, and Massachusetts General Hospital. All Partners Patient Gateway users, regardless of where they receive care within Partners, may access their data through any of the three Partners listings.

Consumer health applications can illustrate health trends and highlight the benefits of the patient’s own health interventions achieved in collaboration with their providers. “We know that engaging patients in their own care can make a profound difference in their health,” says Adam Landman, MD, Chief Information Officer for Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “This fits with our broader goal to expand and accelerate access to digital tools for our patients, and we are pleased to partner with an industry leader like Apple.”

For more information, visit Apple's newsroom.

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